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Sharp Moon provides the only automatic E‑Resources subscription troubleshooting system. Our Callisto service is available in both a FREE version and a full-featured paid service.

Your E‑Resources team and libraries can become truly proactive providers instead of hoping your disgruntled faculty and students will have the patience to report their access problems.

Around the clock every day, Callisto tracks and reports all common problems affecting your users’ ability to access thousands of paid E‑Resources, from all your networks (IP ranges) and through EZproxy. It finds the locations where users are mistakenly denied access to your subscriptions and reports every type of access outage that your content providers cause throughout the year. For many providers, Callisto can also notify you of the new and removed titles within your subscriptions, the same day they change.

See us for a demonstration at ER&L to find out what you’re missing!